Polaris – a new blog on The Indian National Interest

Perspectives on international relations

Dhruva Jaishankar joins us on INI today with Polaris, where he will write “primarily on strategic affairs and Indian foreign policy, but also on a variety of other issues: US foreign policy, significant developments in Europe and East Asia, Indian and regional security, and—occasionally, when relevant—cricket”.

Do make Polaris a part of your regular reading.

5 thoughts on “Polaris – a new blog on The Indian National Interest

  1. Welcome, Dhruva.
    p.s. if there are any Acorners in the New York city metro area, what say we all meet.

  2. Keshav,

    Lex is on hiatus.


    Nice idea. You could put this on the ini facebook group.

  3. Haha! That’s what I was thinking Keshav, Lex has been unceremoniously booted out. But to be fair he wasn’t very active. I’m looking forward to many happy hours of distraction on Polaris. Welcome Dhruva.

  4. Vijay,

    Lex is still on board, ceremoniously. Due to space constraints, it’s off the main page. The combined RSS feeds continue to have Lex in them.

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