Zardari writes a ransom note to Americans

The old gun, head, negotiate routine

So Pakistan doesn’t need any lectures from the United States. Just the money, equipment, technology and tools. And, of course, Kashmir.

Whoever wrote Asif Ali Zardari’s op-ed in the Washington Post left something in it for every concerned American. Including the post-Al Gore generation, who too have been given a reason to pay Pakistan the ransom: to stave an environmental catastrophe.

Not a word though, against US drone attacks on Pakistani territory. Strange, because he asked the world to get the United States to stop them.

16 thoughts on “Zardari writes a ransom note to Americans”

  1. Notice his desperation to pull India into the situation with repeated references and a desire to lump Afg-Pak-India together. These are interesting times!

  2. Washington has multiple institutional memories when it comes to South Asia. Pakistan uses that confusion to repeatedly shake down different American sheriffs for money by playing to their egos. Meanwhile Pakistan continues to supply the world with ever more sophisticated,well armed killers. Unlikely that any American has heard of Mohini and Bhasmasura.

    The last ten sheriffs haven’t fixed Pakistan, and the next ten won’t. We need to do the grunge work ourselves, not depend on fickle strangers. By being smart with our defence purchases, by outgrowing and outspending Pakistan 20 to 1 each year, by improving our internal security by many a mile, generally by showing we mean business. Less waffle, more wallop.

  3. Zardari – “and we welcome his decision to name a special envoy to Southwest Asia. ”
    southwest asia? i hope the indian-american intellectuals, who browbeat people like me for daring to challenge the south asia descriptive, finally get the message that – pakistan is just not that into you.

  4. Pak will get more baksheesh and continue getting more for a while to come.

    The yanks want to be fooled on this one, seems like and hence what you see.

    World bank just approved a $500 mil loan to pak to be repaid in 35 yrs with a further 10 yr grace period. Well, they must surely believe Pak will be around that long, I guess. Either that or they were leaned upon for Pak tobe loaned upon.

  5. Who would have thunk that a nation, which was carved out as a haven for the Sub-Continent’s Muslim, or a people who would rather eat grass than forgo the chance to become the first Muslim country to have the Nuke, would today be reduced to begging for a hand out from the man who, less than a week ago, authorized the bombing that killed seventeen innocent Pakistani civilians and four, not so innocent, Arabs.

    Up in heaven, if Jinnah is there and not in that other place, he must be hiding from Nehru, Gandhi and Azad, so that he doesn’t have to hear them, for an eternity, telling him – We told you so..nah, nah, nah..nah.

  6. Trilok,

    Are you suggesting:

    (a) Jinnah would’ve gone to heaven?
    (b) If so, he would have shared heaven with the likes of MKG, JLN and Azad?

    Just wondering….

    Wish we had NDTV-Mangalore like coverage for life under Pakiban in Swat….beaming 24×7 into kashmir valley ….is wishes were horses…

  7. Sud, I have no idea whether Jinnah went to heaven or hell. But it sure would be fun to hear Nehru, Gandhi, Jinnah and Mountbatten talk about the current situation in the sub-continent, wouldn’t it?

  8. Sud
    Isn’t media already beaming into Kashmir valley? or did you mean POK and other parts of Taliban-Pakistan?

    IRP has already become a TOP [Taliban Occupied Pakistan] nation!!
    IRP – RIP, the day is not too far! 🙂

  9. Venkat,

    I mean ‘life under taliban’ ain’t beaming anywhere well enough – and certainly not into kashmir valley on our side of the LOC.

    The ‘Pakistan pasands’ in the valley will surely get a boost when they see how enjoyable, relaxed and progressive the true (nay, founding) vision of Pakistan really is when implemented as designed…. heh heh

    I really want more and more of Pak to fall to the talibs. How glorious it would be to televise the joys of sharia – stadium beheadings and amputations included – to our sickular fundamentalists here. And no, the talibs themselves seem to have no aversion to such PR. Recall that bazaars from peshawar to karachi are flooded with beheading videos that sell like hot cakes onlee. Pictures speak a 1000 words and videos a million more. No better way to shut the mouths and open the eyes of many Indians still indenial about the real nature of Pakistan, IMO.

  10. He could have sent Holbrooks a letter..this way he appears to be begging to be rescued from the establishment. The dictators have gone? He’s kidding only himself.

    Agar Pakistan ko uske taap se koi bacha sakta hai tow wo hai sirf (Gabbar) oops Pakistan or is that Kayani or Pasha.

    What if Washington leaves them again after differentiating between Al Qaeda and Taliban.Talibanisation of Pakistan,will then be completed under this namesake regime playing slumdog millionaire with Obama

  11. Hahahaaa.. Looks like Mr. 10% surely has his priorities set right! 😛

    All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
    And take your money

    Sorry, I don’t have anything meaningful to add, but this is pretty funny really!

  12. The more the pace Talabanization of Pakistan, the more it serves the geopolitical interest of the biggest institution in Pakistan, i.e, Army and i strongly believe that all the suggestion of Afghan-US-India trinity to contain pakistan will simply not work because of the current and historical demographic and cultral dispensation that exist in Afghanistan with warring tribes and narcotics and offcourse huge amount of Wahabi money flowing. The only solution i believe would be to work for democratic institution to strengthen in this country through various means of International support. Only internal dispensation within those country has the ability to bring peace. This is my cents of thought. Gentleman!! would you agree?

  13. There were about ~800 reader comments to A(2)Z’s article in the Post and not one of them was sympathetic to his cause. I do wonder, why would A2Z make an ass of himself deliberately? Are the people in his staff really that dumb or is there something else to this article that I’m missing?

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