Prabhakaran’s dilemma

Fly or die?

The anonymous Western diplomat got it right:

One Western diplomat said if Prabhakaran were to flee, it would be viewed as cowardice by his followers, ending Tamil militancy for a generation.

But the diplomat, who did not want to be named because he is not authorized by his government to speak on record, said the rebel leader’s death in battle or by suicide would make him a martyr to inspire future generations.


6 thoughts on “Prabhakaran’s dilemma”

  1. The battle is still on and we cannot write off the LTTE yet. Prabhakaran is not just the leader of LTTE but also the top military strategist of the outfit. He may leave the island but only to return another day and carry on the war. ‘Flee’ may be a wrong word to use. Meanwhile Tamil nadu is on a boil due to New Delhi’s silence on the plight of civilians. This may well affect India’s stability and integrity.
    India’s Sri lanka policy in free fall

  2. Guess what — Sri Lanka is about to start a space agency.

    Since the ambitious Prabhakaran is always anxious to demonstrate all the accoutrements of a full-fledged state, and since he’s already created the Tigers, Black Tigers, Sea Tigers, and even Air Tigers — he will now no doubt be motivated to create the — wait for it — Spaaaace Tigers.

    I’m thinking that the Space Tigers uniform should be gleaming silver camo, with attached raygun prop on the belt. (Imagine this, but silvery)

    This will no doubt culminate in a grand plan to establish a Tiger moonbase, with an equally grand name, like Operation Unceasing Lunacy. I can just picture what their bold attempts will look like.

  3. Whatever happens to Prabhakaran here, at the end of the day, he will be eulogised by his supporters and myths created around him. Remember, a guy called Bhindranwale and his end. It might have happened at a smaller scale but the SGPC put his pictures in the Golden Temple complex last year.

    So, the focus has to be on finishing the insurgency rather than worrying about Prabhakaran. Let the media keep on speculating about his whereabouts or how it all ended.

  4. “Whatever happens to Prabhakaran here, at the end of the day, he will be eulogised by his supporters … ”

    Its already happening in Central Europe … all the “Indian” run businesses were closed as a protest with the Colonel’s pictures on display.

  5. LTTE apologists should wake up and smell the reality. The war is over and Pirbhakaran has been revealed as the cipher that he always has been

    Like every deposed tyrant and terrorist, Saddam and Osama come to mind, he too will run and hide in spider holes or dingy caves. If he survives sans his precious insulin, he will claim leadership of Sri Lanka’s Tamil from exile

    Having led them into a bloody ditch once, his pathetic whines will surely be repudiated by his own people

    Losers do not become martyrs — they fade away into obscurity much quicker than their megalomania allows them to recognize. Velupillai Pirbhakaran’s long 15 minutes of limelight are over. Good riddance

    Best regards

  6. I think Tamil resistance is finished. In fact, the days of any kind of violent resistance is over, save for Jihadis who have half the world to hide themselves and covert support of states. There was a time when guns and grenades could have achieved a lot. Armies and law enforcement were forced to limit their response to the same weapons in fear of civilian casualties.

    Modern weaponry can fire with pinpoint accuracy but is too expensive for rebel groups to use. Armies don’t have the same limitation. One needs to only look at recent conflicts to see the scale of imbalance. Israel walked in and out of Gaza without as much as a scratch on itself vs 1500 dead on enemy side. Attrition on LTTE side is stands out when seen against Army casualties.

    So it’ll be back to suicide bombing and such small irritations for LTTE henceforth. My feeling says Prabhakaran, will stay in Srilanka, somewhat like Saddam Hussein. For all that we know, he may already be in his long term hiding place, that Sri Lankan Army has already passed over without noticing.

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