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V Anantha Nageswaran joins us on INI, with The Gold Standard, where he intends to “improve the information to noise ratio in the world of finance and economics while having some fun and learning in the process.” The blog will cover issues such as “if all currencies have some highly urgent reason to remain weak or be devalued, what happens? Who bears the brunt?”

Do make The Gold Standard a part of your regular reading. (And in case you haven’t done so already, subscribe to our combined RSS feed.)

7 thoughts on “The Gold Standard – a new blog on The Indian National Interest

  1. Devaluation is a relative term. If everyone devalues their currencies in a symmetrical and proportional way, then there is no devaluation. At most, there may be some inflation all around.
    But if all currencies in general are weak, then people may choose to put their money in more secure things like, The Gold Standard. Gold has been noticeably rising in price, and is forecasted to go much higher.

    So tell me, does Mr Nageswaran follow Ron Paul much?

  2. Wow.

    Reeeeally looking fwd to Dr VAN’s blog. Has the potential to leap to the head of my INI que, shoulder 2 shoulder with the Pai and Yoss. (:-D)

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