Voter registration is online

First register to vote. Then make sure you vote

Register to Vote

General elections have been announced. If you are not on the voters list, or are not sure that you are, just go over to Jaago Re and register online as soon as possible. Spread the word. Bug your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. Nag them until they sign up.

And on polling day, make sure you vote.

9 thoughts on “Voter registration is online”

  1. I’ve been voting using my driving license in the past many elections. Has voter’s ID been made compulsory this time?

    Getting a voter’s id is a PAIN in my area. 🙁

  2. @ravi

    The site helps you reduce a lot of paper-work. Going to the office is the only thing that jaagore doesn’t do.

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  4. 1 big fallacy there – and not sure why you’ve not corrected it yet, Nitin. You cannot register your name on the list, online – and rightfully so, I reckon.

    The other big fallacy is that registering your name for voting is easy as cake. Its not. The old idiom of “no pain, no gain” holds good – its become somewhat of a mantra for me (in the face of babudom). Even if you have a voter id card, getting your name *back* in the list is a huge, huge pain. And it involves more than one trip to the EC office. (current count is at 3)

  5. Getting your name in the voter list is a huge task.Jaago Re site doesnt help at all other than downloading form ..The site have wrong address , wrong contact numbers of the election office..
    I just suggest Jaago Re.. to please jaago long will you sleep.
    People working at election office whom i interacted looked uneducated and unqualified and were helpless..

  6. Jaago Re site does not register you to voters list. It only provides information, which is also not complete & not user friendly. There should be a central goverment web site controlling all state and lok sabha elections.

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