It’s a national agenda, stupid!

National elections as they should be

The Indian Express gets it right:

Because an election of disaggregated state verdicts puts national parties at a disadvantage, that disadvantage is reversed only by articulating a national agenda made of federal specifics. The BJP should ask whether many of its problems derive from this absence. [IE]

4 thoughts on “It’s a national agenda, stupid!”

  1. Both national parties will find it difficult to pursue a national agenda, so long as they are dependent on region based parties who has concerns only of their region.

  2. Left is clamouring for a lot of importance that it doesn’t deserve. I am afraid people may be swayed by their rhetorics and may give them a chance through the third front.

    High time Congress or BJP don’t let the left in the central politics!!!

  3. Venkat:
    If things go on as they are, then it is highly likely that we may see a third front govt. with congress support, at the centre.

    All things happen for a reason 🙂

  4. We should probably move away from the idea that either the Congress or the BJP are national parties in the real sense of the term. The Congress at least, is dying and will soon become regionalised. The BJP shows more signs of resilience but will not acheive the dominance the Congress had.

    There are many reasons why this is the case; partly it is inevitable given that India is a muti-confessional, multi-ethnic and regionally diverse country to a degree that hardly any other democracy is. Partly it is due to the fact that regional aspirations and those of lower castes and other minorities were not effectively represented by the ‘national’ parties.

    Things might have been different if there was a national opposition party at the time of independence to oppose the Congress. However, once the main opposition emerged it consisted of a diverse group of interests and parties and failed to unify into a single national entity. This combined with the determination of the Congress to undermine any opposition basically spelled the death of any possible bi-polar party system along classical Anglo-Saxon lines that usually exist in FPTP parliamentary systems.

    It is no use hankering after such a bi-polar system, under present conditions most voters will not accept it and the possibilities are not there. It is better that efforts are directed towards regional, caste and other minor parties becoming schooled in reconciling their specific agenda with a national one.

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