Sunday Levity: Why did the chicken cross the road?

How some INI bloggers would respond to that great question

Pragmatic Euphony: The Army HQ is engaging in emotional blackmail by showing how even chickens are quitting the army. They are also spreading the canard that only chickens cross into civvy street.

Offstumped: It didn’t. The English language media has gotten it wrong. A Google search for “chicken and that side of the road” shows fewer hits than “chicken and this side of the road.”

Swaraj (blog undergoing maintenance): Chickens are free to go anywhere they like. If you want it to remain this side, then you need to embed a microchip with a smart card that entitles it to chickenfeed.

Polaris: The Obama administration’s policy towards chickens crossing the road in South Asia will have to change in the face of reality. If chickens have a safe-haven on the other side of the road, then it is the other side that needs to be the focus of Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon.

The Gold Standard: What do you expect? This side of Wall Street had all the banks. The chicken should exchange all its assets for gold, preferably physical gold.

Retributions: (Doesn’t write about it, claiming that this topic is suitable for “Streetcar”. Over at Streetcar he posts about how dumb womyn let even chicken escape)

The Acorn: If only the Indian foreign policy establishment shows some imagination, it would realise that the inevitable journey of the chicken is an opportunity to extend Indian power to the other side of the street, by exporting the Indian version of Chicken Biryani.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: Why did the chicken cross the road?”

  1. The Chicken, who was living close to the Atari border in Pakistan, crossed the road to get into India and lived happily ever after.

  2. “Isn’t chicken crossing the road common in this pre-election season?”
    thinks the regular reader and waits for the next post from Acorn..

  3. I strongly support Chicken’s civil liberty and freedom of expression in crossing the road. As a CR Activist who doesn’t chicken-out, I lash out the elite chatterati here who conduct a “We the people” discussing about Chickens and shall conduct “We the chickens” in response 😀

  4. The myopia of the INI bloggers astounds me. Don’t you guys see that the road is an artificial and a colonial construct that the chickens have never recognized. They’ve gone back and forth across the road for centuries. What we really need to worry about is where the chickens are heading. All reports indicate that at the moment they are just outside Peshawar. But who knows, tomorrow they might be — inside Peshawar. And the day after it’ll be Lahore!

    And when that happens no doubt you guys here will be busy gloating about how they are finally coming home to roost. But where does it end? Let’s say the bird-brains have the good sense to bypass Lahore’s Food Street, then they get Amritsar…you get Amritsar you’ve got Julundhur… you get Julundhur you’ve got Delhi.

    We must act now. All right thinking Indians with the national interest at heart must come together. Let the Jholawalas hang around Wagah with their “We are vegetarians onlee” signs. The rest of us must to do everything possible to ensure that the NDA wins the election. I mean that in a completely non-partisan way, of course.

  5. @dubash: The peshawar-lahore-amritsar-julundhar-delhi thing is just a ruse. I have it on good authority that their real plan is to have breakfast in Jodhpur, lunch in Jaipur and dinner in Delhi. I say we post Sunny Deol at the border.

  6. B.O.K.

    —Sunny at Jodhpur, Bobby at Jaipur & Dharam paaji at Delhi – then let the chicken come to roast – chicken tandoori at Jodhpur, chicken biryani at Jaipur & finally murg mussalam at Delhi, ummmm…

  7. The chicken did not cross the road. It is the matrix that made the chicken feel that way.

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