General Pasha will not see you now

Did he snub or was he scared?

In another sign of new strains in the relationship, the head of Pakistan’s intelligence service, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, refused to meet separately with Mr. Holbrooke and General Mullen, who had requested a meeting, according to Pakistani officials and an American official, who sought anonymity because he did not want to further damage relations.

General Pasha did attend a meeting with the two Americans and Pakistani military’s chief of staff, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, according to a statement issued by the press arm of the Pakistani Army after Mr. Holbrooke and General Mullen left Islamabad for India on Tuesday night. [NYT]

Most news reports interpret General Pasha’s refusal to meet the two American big kahunas alone as a snub. That’s probably correct.

But could it be that General Pasha was not too keen to meet Messrs Holbrooke and Mullen without his boss around? It’s not as if they came all the way from Washington, DC to exchange pleasantries.

Snubbing may have been the less costly option. Who knows?

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  1. bargaining, they will meet sooner or later; Holbrooke can’t be avoided.

  2. Qureshi insists that bottomline is trust. That is laughable given what ISI continues to do in aiding militants. I think trusting the Pakistani government to deal with ISI is exactly what US or India doesn’t want to do.

  3. India today reports war-like fighting in as many as 8 LoC sectors on Indian territory between our para commandos and well armed, equipped and trained LeT irregulars.

    Conincides remarkably with Holbrook’s Dilli visit too. Wonder whats happening.

  4. Sud,
    Good catch…. i am surprised that this infiltration isnt bigger news..given what has happened in Mumbai.

    Does any one even remember that terrorist attack? where exactly are we on that?

  5. Nitin,
    I disagree. It is nothing but a snub and a PR strategy to indicate that the Army and the ISI are united. Given the tech advancement, it is not strictly necessary that the meetings have to happen when people are physically in the same room. ISI chief can always meet the US reps via conf or even a secret meeting.

  6. Hi,
    We Indians are so taken in by words. ” You are biggest democracy, Great country, great talent,Great IT acumen, our silicon valley cannot run without you.But just give kashmir valley to Pakistani guys because without that lollipop, Pakistan may send some more talibs to kill not ordinary train fellows but 5 star big fat cats of India.
    It is Pakistan and its Talibs which is driving the Industrial Military complex of USA which is in recession.US has to import Chinese goods but cannot export its arms to them.So it is talibs of Pakistan who creat the demand in India for American arms lobby.

  7. Just to clarify the Holbrooke-Shuja Pasha meeting. Holbrooke told us the reported snub never happened. Apparently this is how it went. Holbrooke, Mullen, Kayani and Pasha met together. then Mullen and Kayani had a one-on-one and Holbrooke and Pasha had another. Pakistan and US are fatally drawn to each other and cant not talk.
    having said that, I think there is a lot of merit to Najam Sethi’s point that
    the US does itself a disservice by broadcasting the Mullen-Kayani lovefest. These two gentlemen may hate each other’s guts but are condemned to live with each other. However, the more America gushes about Kayani the more difficult it will be for Kayani to openly cooperate with the US without inviting universal Pakistani opprobrium on his head.

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