On guard in north Kashmir

Pakistan’s military-complex might strike when Indian attention is focussed on election results

Even as the Indian political establishment—and constitutional machinery—goes into a state of flux for the next few days, ahead of the formation of a new government, it is vulnerable moment that the Pakistani military-jihadi complex is highly likely to exploit.

Last week, media reports revealed that as many as 200 infiltrators had already crossed over by May 12th, and in all likelihood there are many more. The heights and the valleys of north Kashmir—non-traditional and more difficult infiltration routes—are being used.

The defence and home ministries would do well to accord the maximum attention to this.

1 thought on “On guard in north Kashmir”

  1. Not to sound too cynical – IMO I doubt if this government will pursue a sterner approach towards Pakistan. It didn’t do it before the election despite the Mumbai terror attacks; there’s hardly any reason to do it now.

    I would be more than happy to let Dr. Singh do the job he’s eminently qualified to do – reform the economy – now that the Left is no longer breathing down his neck.

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