Three thoughts on Independence Day

On keeping the republic, getting incentives right and projecting power

For contemplation on Independence Day—the Absent Indian Voter Syndrome; All poor, all backward and the wages of Lax Indica.

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2 thoughts on “Three thoughts on Independence Day”

  1. Another year of living almost free and almost happy in Independent India. Long live Rajiv Gandhi and the Nehru clan for clothing and feeding us! 🙂

    While Indians are getting used to running their own affairs without external interference and there is more mutual trust between Indians from different parts of the country than a few decades ago, there seem to be other fissures created due to an elitist governance structure that has misgoverned the country to such an extent as to relingquish sovereign control of Indian territory to left-wing extremist groups. AP gets cleaned of LWEs and they all show up en masse in Jharkand and Uttarkhand.

    It has been six decades since independence and our Netas seem to be fine with all the legislation in the rule books written during the times of the British Raj, and no longer applicable to modern India. I wonder when we will all clean up the rule books and make it completely Indian and fit for this millenium. Not in my lifetime surely.

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