Some are martyrs, some are just killed

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom-fighter, as they don’t say these days

Those of us who first started reading Pakistani newspapers in the late 1990s—Jai Ho internet!—will remember that in ‘Held Kashmir’, ‘mujahids’ frequently used to ’embrace martyrdom’ or ‘shahadat’, often while carrying out ‘fidayeen’ attacks on the Indian army. So it is amusing to see the Pakistani English language newspapers employ contextual morality now that the mujahids are doing the fidayeen routine on Pakistani streets.

On his blog over at Dawn Asif Akhtar draws attention to this:

Silly media, you forget so easily, they were ‘mujahids’ just a decade ago, get with the programme! And to think General Pervez Musharraf did all this hard work to free up the media so that private opinions may thrive and democracy may flourish, and this is what you do with your freedom? Terrorists should be called ‘mujahids’ and their death should be referred to as ‘martyrdom,’ not the other way around where security jawans are the martyrs while militants just end up getting ‘killed’ or ‘slain.’ [Dawn]

If this makes you believe that the Pakistani mindset has changed, think again. Pakistan’s Urdu commentariat reveals that it is people like Dawn’s Mr Akhtar who are living in the alternate universe.

3 thoughts on “Some are martyrs, some are just killed”

  1. Actually, Pakistani media don’t have the sole copyright on this piece of fiction that “mujahids” are fighting the Indian Army to liberate brutalized Kashmir’s. You’ll find it in Indian media as well, as a cursory reading of the very imaginative Comrade A Roy should show.

  2. What else do you expect from Pakistan! The country was born out of violence with an single minded objective since independence to hurt India. They want Kashmir, not because of their love for kashmiris but for fear that India would control their water which flows through Pak from Kashmir.

    After decades of teachings its children to hate Indians, it has ended in such a mess. Now its India phobia has become Mass hysteria among certain segment of its population that it has to hate humanity in the name of Islam. Now it has created great expertise in terrorism which now is its greatest export world wide. Hope Allah blesses these miserable souls with knowledge that they mend their ways and be useful to Humanity.

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