From hope to dope

More unrealism from Brzezinski

As we have noted earlier, a Brzezinskian world is a world where there is a tidy bipolar world, where the United States and China sit together and make The Big Decisions. It differs from the real world in that the real world is real, and the Brzezinskian world lies in the domain of wishful thinking.

In the Brzezinskian world the following prescription would be considered as both sensible and in US interests:

Additionally, the United States needs to develop a policy for gaining the support of Pakistan, not just in denying the Taliban a sanctuary in Pakistan but also in pressuring the Taliban in Afghanistan to accommodate. Given that many Pakistanis may prefer a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan to a secular Afghanistan that leans toward Pakistan’s archrival, India, the United States needs to assuage Pakistan’s security concerns in order to gain its full cooperation in the campaign against the irreconcilable elements of the Taliban. In this regard, the support of China could be helpful, particularly considering its geopolitical stake in regional stability and its traditionally close ties with Islamabad. [Foreign Affairs emphasis added]

Strange. One would think Mr Brzezinski was advising a president who wants to change the policies of his predecessor. What does he think the Bush administration did for nearly seven years?

That’s not all. In the same issue of the magazine, in an article on overcoming the obstacles to a nuclear-free world, Charles Ferguson writes:

Renewed US engagement in helping resolve the Indian-Pakistani dispute over Kashmir is one necessary step toward reducing nuclear tensions on the subcontinent. But this is not enough. Because Pakistan relies on nuclear weapons to counter India’s conventional superiority, the United States needs to address this imbalance by recalibrating its policy of supplying armaments to both states, giving Islamabad enough assistance so that it feels sufficiently secure to free up more military forces to fight the terrorists who are threatening the Pakistani government and its nuclear arsenal. [Foreign Affairs]

Here is someone who is arguing—in the second decade of the twenty-first century—for the United States to settle the Kashmir dispute to Pakistan’s satisfaction and then provide enough military assistance to Pakistan for it to feel secure vis-a-vis India without nuclear weapons. And he evidently thinks that it is a smart thing to do.

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3 thoughts on “From hope to dope”

  1. I am happy that I've never heard of Ferguson before, and hope I never do again. As for Zig Brzezinski, he shares with Reagan the honor of having created the Taliban and crowed about it repeatedly.

    Two and a half centuries ago Britain made sure Russia did not intervene when China invaded the Uighur homeland, Xingiang. Now we have these two …. giving advice. I do not quite understand the eagerness of some European geo politicians including these idjits, to assist China is establishing an Asian hegemony.

  2. If we assume that Zbig and Ferguson are no fools and they have a good rationale for making such an argument to help US interests (in their worldview), then there must be a rationale for Zbig's view, which is obviously eurocentric, given his Polish origins.

    The eagerness of eurocentric US strategists of ZB's ilk to keep Russia as one of the main poles of concern of the USA blinds them to the fact that China is bigger threat to US's task of retaining influence in Eurasia that Russia is.

    Such folks view Russia's influence in Central Asia as something to be actively resisted — all the colour revolutions this past decade in Georgia/Ukraine/Armenia/Azerbaijan were all part of a tug of war for influence between the US and Russia.

    Obviously, EU and Russia will see good reason start working together (e.g., recent news of Germany drawing close to Russia). But the eurocentric Zbig-clones would like to ensure that if the US or its allies (China) cannot retain pre-eminent infliuence in Central Asia, then that area needs to remain in turmoil. "If we cannot be the big dog there, no one else can".

    In any case, either Zbig's ilk of strategists have some rationale of that sort for this continued insistence on empowering Pakistan's jihadi corporation in Afghanisthan……well, either that or Planet Earth lost contact with Zbig's Ivory Tower.

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