Brickbat to the editor

A picture and many strong words

In the January 2010 issue of Pragati, accompanying an article titled “Telangana Liberated”, we published the following photograph.

March and Dharna against Operation Green Hunt - Bharath Margabandu
March and Dharna against Operation Green Hunt - Bharath Margabandu

This image is part of a series of photographs taken by Bharath Margabandu on a protest march against Operation Green Hunt, the Indian government’s new security initiative against the Naxalite movement. We didn’t know (and didn’t care) who the persons in the photographs are. We chose the photograph because, in our judgement, it is relevant to the article alongside which it was published.

This morning we got an email from a Dr Ashley Tellis from the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (not the well-known Washington-based international relations scholar). We produce the email exchange in full and leave readers to arrive at their own judgements.

From: ashley tellis
Date: 2010/1/27
Subject: Photograph
To: pragati@…

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to register my surprise at your profound stupidity. In the article ‘Telangana Liberated” (wrongly spelt in your Highlights section at least online, so please change it) by Ram Yadav ( a former DGP of AP, which shows just how “fresh” and “bold” your magazine is) in the latest issue of your pathetic, right-wing rag of a magazine, you carry a picture of me in an APCLC march against Operation Greenhunt in Hyderabad.

The march had nothing to do with Telangana, your article has nothing to do with Operation Green Hunt and the poster I am carrying has nothing to do with your article. It says (for non-Telugu readers) “Murderers of Adivasis in the forest/ The forced occupation of the natural resources by MNCs and Operation Green hunt Opposition Committee”. It says nothing about Naxalites or about Telangana and to carry this photograph with this raving and ranting rightwing article which shows the mindset of a five year old with a war video game is nothing short of ridiculous. The march was and is against the killing of tribals by people like Mr. Yadav through a fascist “operation” like Green”hunt.” The march had no position on Naxalites or on Telangana. Please get some basic facts right and learn to read a photograph before you carry it.

Please grow up and if you can’t carry a decent article at least carry a relevant photograph, you sad and sorry idiots.

Dr. Ashley Tellis
Department of Liberal Arts
Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
Estamos en la lucha

From: Nitin Pai
Date: 2010/1/27
Subject: Re: Photograph
To: ashley tellis

Dear Prof Tellis,

Thank you for your email. If you permit, we would like to publish it on our website.


(via Mobile)

From: ashley tellis
Date: 2010/1/27
Subject: RE: Photograph
To: nitin.pai@..

Please do. That was the whole point in sending the email to you.

Estamos en la lucha

From: Nitin Pai
Date: 2010/1/27
Subject: Re: Photograph
To: ashley tellis

Thank you.

We treat all correspondence as private by default. That’s the reason I asked.


(via Mobile)

From: ashley tellis
Date: 2010/1/27
Subject: RE: Photograph
To: nitin.pai@..

There is no such thing as private. Everything in the world is public. The stupidity of your magazine is a prime example.

Estamos en la lucha

Note: We have edited out the email addresses to protect everyone’s privacy, including Dr Tellis’s

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  1. As a Telugu speaker, I should say this photo is unrelated to the topic of your discussion.. But it is quite evident that Mr Ashley Tellis has a lot of sympathy for the left-wing cause.. I don’t know your official policy on national-interest.. but isn’t it supposed to be politically neutral, at least in theory ?

  2. Before I decide. Allow me to get your side of the story. I read the article in the print version of Pragati and reserve my comments.

    How is the photo of a protest against “green hunt” relevant to the article in question? Could you be more specific when you say “in our judgement”? What was it that made you relate the two?


  3. Angry, stupid prof! He is living on public money, teaching in a public univ and asking for all things be public. And what is that stupid signature at the bottom, some people do not graduate out of their PhD days, man!

  4. The photo is a matter of judgement but the professor is downright rude. Can’t imagine how someone can go on a tirade like that against a perfect stranger.

    As for everything being public, well, I think his political views are clear. He is marching under a Communist flag after all.

    Btw, doesn’t the other photo in the series show Gadar, the balladeer who supports Naxalites?

  5. I am unable to grasp the meaning of word “Fascist”. It is being used as a bad word for any-one who doesnt seem to agree with you.

    Besides I dont understand what exactly is Mr. Tellis’ grievance. Is it that that the contents of article he dint like? Or is that he dint like a possibly wrong photograph at wrong place? Or both?

    Or he just hates anybody who disagrees to his views?

    People who use terms like “Stupid”, “Idiot”, “Fascist” etc. to describe others usually exemplify those terms.

  6. Et tu pragati?

    You say ….. “We didn’t know (and didn’t care)”

    Says a lot about the “judgement” that you exercised when deciding on it’s relevance. I guess the thought process was – “yipee! It’s got red flags and words in Telugu… let’s use it in an article on Naxalism in Telangana.”

    On a side note – If you don’t care who the folks in the image are – why maintain a charade of “privacy”? Sounds contradictory.

  7. The photograph is completely relevant to the article. The article talks about the link between Telangana and Naxalites, something which is very apparent in the Telangana agitation in Telangana villages and towns these days. The Telangana agitators and the Naxalites obviously perceive mutual benefits by cooperating in the Telangana agitation. The article more or less speaks of the same.

    So what if the placards in the photograph talk about Operation Green Hunt? It is quite obvious that the individuals who are carrying the placards are staunch Naxalite sympathizers. The tone of Dr. Ashley Tellis’ outburst against the editor of Pragati has confirmed the same. I find it sad and unfortunate that people who sympathize with organized criminals who are destroying schools and threatening teachers, are educating the engineers of tomorrow.

  8. I gotta say… The Professor was very rude. But he does have a point. Protesting against whathe alleges to be politically motivated slaughterings does not amount to a rejection of wiping out Naxalism or supporting it.

  9. The IIT professor is not logically consistent. Why is he surprised at the profound stupidity of people who he says are sad and sorry idiots?

  10. “profound stupidity” – Now that is an oxymoron that I have never heard!

    “in our judgement, it is relevant to the article alongside which it was published.” – I would appreciate if you could clarify this statement. In fact this is the statement that you need to clarify with Dr.Tellis.

  11. “Please grow up and if you can’t carry a decent article at least carry a relevant photograph, you sad and sorry idiots.” – ouch….

    Nitin Pai sahab time to eat some humble pie ?

  12. “There is no such thing as private. Everything in the world is public.”

    By that rule every private opinion is public opinion. Now I get the logic behind all the people who support Naxalites.

    Also, every public opinion is the private opinion of elite. That is how people Naxalite supporters denounce public opinion isnt it ?

  13. Looks like Prof has not undergone any EQ coaching!! Pity. To display such harsh words in public domain.!! I feel sorry for his students who would imbibe his behavior. Thank god I never had such professors!! Of course 25 years back teaching standards were different!!…

  14. the left stand on naxalism is based on the hypocrisy that “naxals can kill any number of people for a movement we support, but since we are not doing the actual killing, we are not to be blamed.”

    this thin hypocrisy line must be maintained at all costs. not surprising that this Professor has sought to protect it. but I think he could have done it with a lot more finesse.

    the professor shud perhaps learn from Late K. Balagopal. he wud put so much spin and humor into tales of murder that, one might think the policemen who die defending the civil society against these leftwing killers, are infact going to wake up and head home at the end of the movie.

  15. The CPI-ML’s official position on Green Hunt is far more nuanced than this pathetic professor makes out to be. They do not make the case that resource grab is behind the operation. Just that the costs in civil rights are unacceptable.
    The professor has a distinct anti-capitalist agenda and he is using “adivasi murders” as a red herring. A truly despicable person.

  16. Why cannot the professor at least engage in a logical discussion as to why he things magazine is stupid and people running are idiots, if he thinks so. or he could have wrote a rebuttal to the article.. Isn’t that the idea ?
    Standing for Truth in India is not easy and smooth.. and blaming some one right wing or hindutwa is the easiest way to establish your position are secular, liberal and therefore by default right. This trick is usually and often employed in India when they are out of arguments or facts.Not sure whats the motivation though.

  17. Amusing. The prof does have a minor point alright but why did he have to froth at the mouth like that? Must be having a bad day I guess.

  18. The photo does seem not-so-relevant to the article, but thanks for the opportunity to get to know this guy. It’s amusing to watch people like Tellis (esp. Communists!) throw around words like “fascists” as part of everyday conversations.

    Check out this article from the New Ind Exp… esp the comments (inc Tellis’ responses)

    Clearly this guy is incapable of civilized conversations and indulges in ad hominem attacks at the drop of a hat; but it’s fun to watch. One is his replies to comments for the articles:” “And if this sick humanbeing thinks there is anything that the public really needs to know about his life let him say so.” —deleted— The NIE should stop publishing maniacal abuisve sick letter writers like you not article writers who want to generate debate and discussion.” Oh, the irony of it all!

  19. Nitin: Regarding Note: We have edited out the email addresses to protect everyone’s privacy, including Dr Tellis’s.

    I think you were bring too nice there especially when Herr Professor was quite willing to be at the receiving end of things..

  20. I wonder what will Dr. Tellis’ students think of him once they come to know of such uncivilized outbursts of their professor. Being myself an alumnus of one of the better known IITs, I can only feel sad at the bleak future of the IITs and its students. 🙁

  21. How can get this in mainstream media or start some sort of media campaign to
    have this guy prosecuted for such articles in Newspaper ?? and what happened to Indian Express..Where is the regulatory body for newspapers..what sort of country have we become to advocate such things in the name of liberal arts..

  22. His name is Ashley Tellis. In my quick reading I skipped the part that he is not THE Ashley Tellis who needs no introduction. For a moment I kept staring at the pic, unable to recognize Ashley the awesome. And then I came back to the post and it struck me- Damn! This is someone else!

    Regarding his e-mail, must say this man is contributing to the diversity of the human gene pool from the lowest-most band of the IQ spectrum. Had he been a random guy, he could be ignored. But man he is a Prof! And that too in IIT, where, as an IITian myself I can tell you, on a scale of 1 to 10, students know -1 wrt liberal arts. So he is dangerous- indoctrinating gullible kids. Like the guy who opined tweet-is-a-very-lonely-man, his rant has potential to turn into a caricature invoking further ridicule. What to do? Laugh or have pity on him?

  23. Hi all,

    Please do not post any personal attacks against Dr Tellis on this forum: I have deleted a few comments that only do so.

    This post discusses his comment on the photograph and the article concerned—anything else is extraneous and off-topic.

  24. Nitin,

    By the way, have you invited Dr. Tellis to be a part of this discussion.

    Propriety demands that he be made aware of the discussion that his emails have generated.

    (Of course, it would also be more fun to have him here. But that’s beside the point. 😉 )

  25. As I see it, Dr. Tellis’ e-mail makes two points:

    1. The photo printed with the article is not relevant to the subject discussed in the article. As a Telugu-speaker myself, I see some truth here. The only (tangential) connection I could make was the article’s reference to overtly operating left-leaning groups.

    2. He thinks Ram Yadav’s views on Naxals are biased merely because he served as AP’s DGP, and calls the piece a “raving and ranting rightwing article”. Given Dr. Tellis’ sympathies (from the photo at least), his views are not surprising. Of course the language in the mails is unbecoming of a university professor 🙂

  26. Agree with Chaitanya that the photo is relevant but tangential, like the rest of the images. Sometimes I have to stare at them for a couple of minutes to get the hang of it. (What was a green door with a rusty Nav-Tal lock doing in an article on India’s climate change policy, in one of the recent issues? Get it?)

  27. This exchange is a typical example of what passes for ‘civilised’ and informed debate in this country. A lawyer friend informs me of his professor’s advice in law school, ‘argument weak? shout and scream and froth at the mouth!’

  28. How predictable that stupidity in Pragati (which should be renamed Durgati) is accompanied by arrogance. They don’t just not care who is in the photograph, they have a “judgement” which they will not offer the criteria of, do not bother to discuss, and will not be humble enough to admit could have been utterly wrong. With magazines like this, who needs rightwing political parties?

    They claim to have edited my email out to maintain my privacy but leave my signature address on making it easy to get my email address and write shit to me at my personal/official emails 9no shortage of Indians with internet access and no work in life) that at least one sad human being has done.

    They believe all mail is “personal,” yet they invite mail from readers and put up ALL my mails without my permission (I only said yes to the first). What do they do with these letters? Put them in cold storage? Or maybe they get none because no one reads the rag they bring out except other rightwing people who agree with them and therefore feel no need to send letters.

    Finally, they claim they do not accept letters of abuse against me but nevertheless print several. Is this a forum for an argument and debate or just abuse/ I use strong language, yes, but back it up with reasons as to why I think someone is stupid.

    Anyway, enough about these idiots. Let me respond to at least some of the readers who bothered to have a point instead of doing what Indians do best, which is fart in public, offering opinions that are unsolicited and unremarkable in their utter meaninglessness, apart from terrible odour they give out:

    @Vakibs Yes, it is quite obvious that I have Left sympathies or why would I agree to participate in an APCLC dharna? However, in the Telugu scene, I am more HRF than APCLC, largely because HRF also offers a critique of Naxal violence and excess and APCLC does not (however, I am a not a member of either). So, left-leaning sympathy does not mean Naxalism. What it does mean, however, is that I am not going to be comfortable being put in a right-wing article attacking Telangana (I am firmly pro-Telangana) especially on the basis of some stupid non-analysis by some dumbass, fascist policeman that claims that Telangana will be run by Naxalites! Left-leaning also means that I am against violence on adivasis and Dalits, whether by the state (men like Yadav) or the Greyhounds brutally raping, killing and disappearing poor people, or by the Naxalites, who can often do the same. However, the Naxalites are as sick players as any other, so I do not see why they should be singled out for special treatment. The only difference between the Naxalites and any other political party is that the Naxalites openly believe in violence. Political parties do too but do it on the sly. In some sense, then, the Naxalites are more honest. But they are hated by the state because the state is directly threatened by them and their violence. But the state has no critique of its own violence. Mr. Yadav has no critique of the state’s hand-in-glove machinations with corporations which produce forces like the Greyhounds which rape and kill ordinary people and hate Naxalites because the Naxalites are spoiling their pillage party.

    I would suggest that you and the fools at Durgati spend some time in these areas before you shoot off your mouths on positions you know little or nothing about. If you share the basic aggressive and unthinking nationalism of Durgati, we have nothing more to say to each other. If you want to examine what Left-leaning or Left sympathies really means, read what I have written carefully and go spend some time in these areas and see what the people are really suffering and who is causing it. Let me finally add that if one has to rate and scale (which one has to) the violence on ordinary Dalits and adivasis in the region, then the violence done by the state is much more than the Naxalites. The state is the bigger criminal who along with corporations (mainly mining in the Maoist corridor which Arundhati Roy rightly calls the MOUist corridor) is destroying the land and the people, not the Naxalites who are small in number, lack sophisticated weaponry and don’t have state and big bucks backing at all. Durgati will never carry an article about the truth in the area because it is firmly a rightwing think tank which believes in “national interest.” Yadav is constitutionally incapable of writing the truth because he is a violent player in the game and can’t talk about state and police corruption. Why doesn’t Durgati carry an article by an independent, Left-leaning political analyst if they care about fairness and the truth and boldness and whatever bullshit they go on about? Did you see their issue on the “Naxal problem”? I’ve never read this rag till this issue and certainly will not read it again. I have better things to read in my life and I hope you do too.

  29. One thing for sure, Mr Tellis did not bargain for the scrutiny that he will be put under for having frothed at the mouth about the picture in a Pragati article. He would wish he had not opened his foul mouth.

  30. Not sure what induces more pathos, Dr. Tellis’ flowery rebukes or responses in the comments section here, the Offstumped post or Seriously Sandeep post.

    Dr. Tellis is not beholden to mainstream views but this firestorm, calls to fire him and such seem totally unjustified.

  31. @AB Thanks for asking the question that Pragati has refused to answer

    @Udayan That is not Gaddar. Many cultural performers from the Telangana region dress like him and perform like him. Gaddar was not at the dharna. Many other powerful performers were. And, yes, I am a Communist. Do you have a problem with that? If so, deal with it.

    @Akshar I use fascist advisedly. I use it for Yadav’s article which justifies police and state violence. He congratulates himself in the first few paragraphs of his fascist article on the quelling of what he thinks is naxalim. I guess raping adivasi women, beating, killing and sisppearing ordinary tribals is something one does need to congratulate oneself about? If that is not fascist, what is?

    @Pseuochomsky, thanks for raising questions once again Pragati can’t and will not answer.

    @Chaitanya, I feel equally sad and unfortunate about you because you can’t see who the really organized criminals are in AP (which is the Greyhounds and the state) and because you can’t even read an article for what it is saying and see the irrelevance of the accompanying image? Have you thought of remedial English classes?

    @RK. Idiots one is used to, the profundity of some is surprising.
    @Pradeep, oxmorons stress a point. Thanks for your question to Pragati. No answer yet from them.

    @Akshar, you are tying yourself in knots and the lack of your logic is quite profound. There is no such thing as a private letter sent to an editor. Privacy is also an issue with many dangers, as feminists, for example, have pointed out. If a man talks about women’s rights in public but goes home and beats his wife, there’s a problem there. So, in my world there is nothing private. Hope that is clear. The leaps you make from my assertion are not worth engaging because they make no sense. You figure them out yourself.

    @Balaji I hope my longer earlier post on Naxalism would have made my position clear. As for your extremely uncharitable and pathetic swipe at Balagopal, you are factually incorrect, among other things. The whole point of Balagopal’s leaving APCLC and forming HRF was over the question of Naxal violence and excess. Balagopal always stated that and criticised naxal violence and excess. Also, all the writings toward the end of his life talk about accountability of/in the movement. You show no respect for one of the finest political analysts this country has ever seen and a recently dead man. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    @Trickey I think the point you raise is interesting. I think you should develop it into an article and send it to Pragati. Let’s see if they have the guts to carry it. As for my “using” adivasi deaths as a red herring, you know nothing about my politics or my activism so learn some of it or you end up sounding despicable yourself.

    @Suraj The irony, alas, is lost on you. I guess your idea of irony matches Alanis Morrisette’s. Look up the definition in a dictionary.

    My articles for the Sexualities page in NIE have come up, I have been denounced, homophobic nastiness about me being “at the receiving end” (how pathetic and sad are men who think that to receive is an act of denigration. I pity their girlfriends and wives who they humiliate every day with this ideology when they have sex with them) are published on this page. I do not want to get into those debates here as this is, as Nitin has pointed out, a forum for a discussion on this article and this photograph. People are welcome to write letters and articles to NIE on that issue and I am willing to respond and have a public debate on it there.

  32. Btw – Nitin. Agree with Pragati’s choice of picture. There is a fundamental disagreement among people of Dr. Tellis’ persuasion in the picture, and others about where the boundaries of the state’s supremacy, the actions it can take to protect its interests, etc. lie.

  33. Wow! I did not realize that there is actually a real Ashley Tellis from IIT Hyderabad — I just assumed it was someone trolling under the name of the Indian-American who is a strategic expert.

  34. Whoa – i could not have been more thrilled but the self-styled intellectuals in this country are more exciting than the neanderthals of medieval times who went around burning innocent women as witches.

    of course the neanderthals had a good reason to burn these women. for one – these women possibly threatened their intelligence and authority

    the most pathetic thing here is that these intellectuals and their very intellectual words don’t have a single argument but rants of senility

    I think all the elite educational institutes have missed their point. woe is me. Despite the colleges Indians remain uneducated. literate -yes, uneducated -no


  35. Dr Tellis,

    I do not wish to respond to your opinions.

    I do find it strange, ironic and not a little amusing that you should complain about the complete exchange being published after you contended that “nothing in the world is private. Everything in the world is public.”

    If you stand by your assertion, then you shouldn’t complain on any private correspondence being made public.

    But since you have already complained that private correspondence was made public without permission, you have either changed your mind or exhibited a logical inconsistency.

  36. Ashley,

    You said you are pro-Telangana. You didn’t say whether you are pro- or anti-Naxalites. Can you give us a simple yes/no answer?

  37. I was wrong in a previous comment where I wrote that Mr Tellis “would wish he had not opened his foul mouth.” True to his motto of being in the fight, he has joined the fight.

    The tone of the discussion was set by him — acrid, acerbic, aggressive, abusive, authoritarian, (and I am still only on A’s) . . .

    Pragati may or may not have erred in publishing that picture. I can’t tell as I don’t understand the article. But Mr Tellis could have civilly pointed out what in his opinion was wrong about publishing that picture to the editor, and matters would have proceeded along the lines that they usually do when errors are pointed out to an editor.

    The editor of Pragati is as polite, civilized, intelligent, and thoughtful as editors come. He is not a raving right-wing lunatic. Pragati has an ideological stance but it is not blind, deaf and dumb. It takes a reasoned stance on issues and welcomes debate. Content on Pragati reflects the thoughtful stance of its many competent contributors.

    (Full disclosure: I have had the privilege of writing for Pragati. I am fairly good but nowhere as goods the editor or the others on Pragati. I should also stress that I am fairly vain and I don’t believe in the charade of false modesty. I say it like I see it.)

    Mr Tellis admits that he has only read one issue of Pragati and won’t read any more. Fine. But his generalizations about Pragati expressed harshly can only be hasty and his conclusions premature. He would have been well advised to keep his conclusions to himself and just address himself to the issue of what was wrong with the printing of that picture.

    Having set that unfortunate tone, Mr Tellis provoked a reaction from readers of The Acorn and Offstumped that reflected that tone.

    I am not averse to using harsh language myself. But when I do, I am not the least bit surprised when others use the same tone to reply tome. What I find inconsistent in Mr Tellis’ position is that he is ready to give but not all that willing to receive when it comes to gratuitous abuse.

    If he had avoided abuse and stuck to the subject, he would have been justified in rebuking those who abuse him needlessly. I think he has burnt that bridge. People who live in glass houses, as they say . . .

    Earlier today I have been at pains to defend the concept of free speech because some have been (mistakenly, in my not so humble opinion) saying that Mr Tellis should be prohibited from expressing views such as he did in a newspaper column.

    Free speech is our primary instrument since we value ideas. Those who cannot win the battle of ideas with a pen are the ones who are forced to descend to censorship — and worse, use a sword. Let’s not be too hasty and surrender our most powerful weapon: free words expressing ideas of a free people.

  38. I dunno about you guys, but I find it interesting that the IIT has a “Department of Liberal Arts”.
    And I find it appalling that my tax rupees goes to fund people like Mr. Ashley Tellis, in a public institution. Its ghastly that someone who claims to speak for the disadvantaged doesnt know of any better way to voice an opinion than froth at the mouth – especially at someone with an opposing view – and then teaches liberal arts at the IIT.

    By the by – Just Behind Mr. Tellis (in the snap) is a hoarding that refers to the CPI-ML. Arent they same ones that merged with PWG to become the CPI – Maoists?

  39. Udayan,

    The Green Door, probably symbolises the green issues, a door behind which lies the balanced ecological needs and the locked door says, there is a struggle to go beyond this point. It is meant to explain the agony of an environmentalist, who is waiting for the mental blocks of Governments and Corporates to open up, so that he can get down to doing his job.

    I haven’t seen the article and the photograph under discussion, but from your remark this is what I make out. Looked little obvious to me.

    Nitin, please correct me if I am wrong.



  40. I am truly appalled at the number of people wondering on various forums/twitter etc. that IIT has a Liberal Arts department. FYI, All IITs have Humanities and Social Sciences departments. Is it so surprising? And I suppose most of the engineering colleges do have some form of “Arts” in their curriculum. Why should an engineering graduate be deprived of the minimal education of these subjects which include literature, history of sciences, social/environmental etc. issues depending upon ones choice of interests is beyond me.
    And secondly, though I feel sad that a professor from IIT is degrading himself by using such uncivil language, I would rather not judge his work based on his comments and the views he holds. I feel people are too quick to judge and comments like “Why am I paying for his salary?” seem totally shallow.

  41. Einstein had said that Communism is like Religion. So true.

    People like Mr. Tellis, just like Christian Missionaries of Islamic terrorist strongly believe that the TRUTH is revealed only to them, that they are at a higher level than rest of the crowd and ONLY THEY know the truth. Like ONLY they are correct. The basis for their belief is “nothing”. They will never provide any logical proof, they will not provide any factual data. Instead as soon as you try to engage them in a dialog, debate conforming to your own sense of civility, they will immediately term you as Fascist, Idiots, Arrogant, Farting in Public and so on.

    Communists and their religious counterparts believe that the common man (any man who is confused and likely to fall pray to their designs) needs to be enlightened with their version of truth. Anyone like Pragati, is a big hurdle in-between and hence they feel compelled to throw mud at Pragati and it’s editor. Just like Swami Laxamanand was killed in Orissa or just the way Taslima Nasreen was made to run away from her home and India.

    I am surprised that how come Mr. Tellis did not jump to conclusion that Editor of Pragati, or the whole Pragati magazine is paid by some Multinational, Capitalist, Fascist etc. ? That Acorn is a “CIA” agent or has interest in some Tribal Land etc.

    I dont see much use in arguing with Mr. Tellis as an individual because, to use the same kind of language as MR. Tellis, it is like arguing with a Pig in the mud, it is too late when you realize that when you were getting dirty the Pig was actually enjoying it.

    Any ways readers of Pragati got glimpses of kind of problems that anyone who works for National Interest has to face and population density of these people is very high in influential positions.

  42. My comments about the public private thing was a silly Poor joke dint expect anyone to take it seriously.
    But now you complaining about making the email public is even more sillier joke.

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