Pragati April 2010: Stationed at the ends of the Earth

The cover feature of this month’s issue is a short update on India’s scientific research activities in the Antarctic and the Arctic: India has recently inaugurated new stations on both ends of the earth.

This month we cover several issues concerning domestic politics and internal security — out-governing the Naxalites; institutionalising the positive trend in Bihar; the need for a comprehensive new law governing political parties; managing ageing; and the negative fallout of reserving parliamentary seats for women. In the books section present an extended excerpt from a thoughtful new book on India’s north-eastern states.

In international affairs, we present a counter-argument to the editors’ views on India’s role in UN peacekeeping; examine use of nuclear-protected terrorism as a core strategy and present an Afghan perspective on India’s role in the war-ravaged country.

You can browse the articles online or download the digital community edition.