Introducing Pax Indica

Of Vijay Chauhan, Voldemort and the Realist perspective

Over at Yahoo! India columns I introduce Pax Indica, my fortnightly column.

The underlying point is that countries operate in an anarchy, an environment where there is no overarching authority that can constrain their actions. Here, as the charismatic Vijay Dinanath Chauhan vividly explains to Commissioner Gaitonde in Agneepath, the law of the jungle operates. The strong survive by killing the weak. Similarly, when Lord Voldemort tries to entice the young Harry Potter to join him, he declares that “there is no good or evil, only power and those too weak to seek it.”

Both Vijay Dinanath Chauhan and Voldemort would have been astute geopolitical strategists, but went tragically wrong when they applied their logic of power to domestic affairs, where the law of the jungle does not apply. For sovereign states though, the message is clear: their very survival depends on having adequate power to ensure it. But how much power is adequate? That’s hard to say, so the prudent answer is “as much as possible”

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Pax Indica

  1. Surprisingly underwhelming, Nitin, for someone who expresses himself so well… felt unwieldy, and a little overlong and repetitive,like you had to hit a word count or something. But it could also be that there is nothing new there for Acorn regulars.

    To any newcomers from Y! India:

    Almost any post on this blog will convince you Mr.Pai argues a lot better than the intro piece. just read the one right below on the drone strikes.


  2. Nitin,

    Juxtapose this with your post ‘ Fattening The Pakistani elite’
    — PK

  3. The posts on pax indica are expected to be lengthier than the ones here because you simply cannot link to previous posts or use jargon that is familiar to foreign policy buffs. Since yahoo columns is read by a larger segment, the posts are supposed to be more layperson friendly. So regular readers of Acorn need not be unnecessarily irritated at the minor changes.

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