Saudi Arabia’s nuclear arsenal-on-demand

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That Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have a secret nuclear deal is not exactly a secret. But the Guardian‘s Julian Borger has some details:

According to western intelligence sources (the meeting was under Chatham House rules so I am not allowed to be more specific) the Saudi monarchy paid for up to 60% of the Pakistani nuclear programme, and in return has the option to buy a small nuclear arsenal (‘five to six warheads) off the shelf if things got tough in the neighbourhood. [Guardian Blogs]

That’s still very fuzzy, but better than what was previously known to the public. In any case, the Pakistanis are unlikely to refuse if Saudi Arabia were to increase the size of the order.

While on the topic, do see Sean O’Connor’s very good open source intelligence analysis of Saudi Arabia’s ballistic missile force.

4 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia’s nuclear arsenal-on-demand”

  1. Nitin

    What do you think of the just announced swap deal between Iran and Turkey?

  2. Saudis are playing a master game. They will most likely borker a deal between Indian and Pakistan on Kashmir if we see a UPA 3 and continued wolrd opinion against Taliban and Kashmir separatism.
    currying favor with both indian and pakistan

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