Has the Inter Jihadi League started?

A good chance that it has

In March, Sultan Amir “Colonel Imam” Tarar and Khaled Khawaja—men deeply mixed up in the Pakistani military-jihadi complex—were kidnapped. By the end of April, Mr Khawaja was found dead. This week the government of Pakistan’s Punjab province announced that Hafiz Mohammed Saeed, the chief of the Pakistan army-linked Lashkar-e-Taiba, is in the crosshairs of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

In February 2009 this blog argued that conflict between jihadi groups aligned to different quarters within the military-jihadi complex is possible, and the question was one of timing. Again in October 2009, in a post on the coming fratricidal war among Pakistan’s jihadis, this blog suggested that:

Despite their principals in the military establishment being at loggerheads, the proxies themselves have so far not attacked each other. Shared ideology, old boy networks and management by the ISI on the one hand and by the al-Qaeda leadership on the other have prevented a large scale fratricidal war among the jihadis. While a hot conflict between the jihadi proxies of the GHQ and Gul & Co factions is unlikely, it is not impossible. If the management mechanisms come under stress, the jihadis could train their guns against each other. [The Acorn]

It’s hard to say for sure, but there is a chance that the playoffs in the Inter-Jihadi League may have begun in earnest.

4 thoughts on “Has the Inter Jihadi League started?”

  1. Popcorn please. Hope this is the feature film and not a teasing preview 🙂

    Nitin, care to comment on Pakistan blocking Facebook today? Fun never ends with these guys. India is so *boring* in comparison.

  2. Match-fixing should start in right earnest..
    betting on the sides and individuals after that…

  3. Pak is a snake pit and US should not try to pretend to be a snake charmer anymore. The first safety measure a snake charmer ensures is to defang the snake.US must stop all military hardware donations to Pak and put a serious resriction on disbursing (US) cash aid to pay off for military purchases by Pak.

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