Cultivating authority, evading responsibility

“Those who are politically strong are constantly running away from political responsibility,” writes Pratap Bhanu Mehta

You should read his piece in the Indian Express in full. Excerpts:

The prime minister will take you only up to a point. The Centre does not carry any credibility, because there it has no genuine interlocutors. There is no other leader who can carry the imprimatur that they are acting on behalf of the nation, who can provide a healing touch when needed. More and more of our conflicts will require this kind of constant political engagement. Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, in political terms, carry that mantle as much as anyone does; but they steadfastly refuse to risk it on anything other than politically easy welfare schemes. The scandal of Indian politics is not simply that the prime minister is politically weak; it is that those who are politically strong are constantly running away from political responsibility.

And it has sent a message: the purpose of politics is not solving problems; it is the evasion of responsibility. [IE]

2 thoughts on “Cultivating authority, evading responsibility”

  1. Pratap Bhanu Mehta has belatedly figured out what EVERYONE KNEW all along… whew.

    May be Rahul Gandhi should hop on a train to Srinagar – you know, the way he so “bravely” confronted Shiv Sena thugs in Bombay…

    No prizes for guessing who Mehta backed in last year’s general elections inspite of knowing who really wields power in the Congress.

    People like Mehta get the government that they deserve… and they deserve nothing worse than what they have now.

    Of course a terribly limp wristed PM is more of a problem to the rest of the nation than it is to elites like PBM…but i guess its not bad that he seems to have woken up from his deep slumber.

    The coverage of the Congress Government in the Indian Express is so very strikingly different from the Hindu…. tells you which paper you can rely on more for better and more balanced journalism.

    N.Ram would never dare to write/publish an op-ed like this one.

  2. Absolutely agree with Mr Mehta! It will be better if MMSingh abdicated delegating responsibility to Rahul if only to get the latter to do something at all- even bad. Also, Sonia Gandhi can stop caring about her image and actually say something other than personal reminiscences of her family. The opposition is just a set of bickering men and women focussin on issues like ram sethu or shivaji’s life history when important foreign policy issues need to be addressed.

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