2 thoughts on “How much foreign aid does India give?”

  1. Hi Nitin,
    I feel, we should be really digging our heels in Nepal, Burma and Bhutan through Aid in form of infrastructure build up for common men. Bangladesh , remains a strategic necessity to put aid too.

    In future with a Population bulge happening , where can we expand. West India (currently pawkistan) is a strict no no due to radicalised population and intense love for religion. We can only expand into 2 areas – Tibet and Burma. With a thin population, it is the logical outcome. Europeans Got Americas, Australia, NZ & Latin America. China has already captured Tibet but we have no choice but to get it.

    Burma is not a high pop density land. Another interesting piece of land could be Balochistan. with only 8 million population, it can serve as a base for a large population to live off.

    Nepal for obvious , Ethnic & socio-cultral reasons along with Bhutan must be taken care of.

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