Pax Indica: Why they killed bin Laden now

The military-jihadi complex is likely to grow stronger

In today’s Pax Indica column on Yahoo, I warn that India has at best two summers before cross-border militancy and terrorism rise again.

You might remember a Shekhar Suman gag on Zee TV’s Movers and Shakers several years ago: An angry George W Bush announces that the United States will bomb the place where Osama bin Laden is found to be hiding.

Hearing this, Vajpayee looks under his bed, pauses, and with a characteristic flick of his wrist says: “Thank God! He isn’t here!”

Over in Rawalpindi, General Musharraf looks under his bed, sighs in relief, and says: “Thank God! He is still here!”

Shekhar Suman, more than most Western analysts, got the plot right. Keeping Osama bin Laden out of Washington’s hands was vital in order to prevent having to publicly deal with revelations of how the Pakistani military-jihadi complex not only was connected with al-Qaeda, but might also have been involved in the conspiracy behind the 9/11 attacks. [Read the rest at Yahoo!]

2 thoughts on “Pax Indica: Why they killed bin Laden now”

  1. You wrote that Pak gave up Laden because Obama administration changed a few things (Kerrry Lugar, withdrawal decision, increase drone attacks). That brings up the question why Bush administration did not adopt these measures. I would like to know your answer to that.

  2. Everything is all right until this line – [quote] We are staring at a return of the 1990s. This is a bad outcome for Afghans, *Pakistanis* and Indians [unquote].

    The mil-jihad complex is an expression of pakistani masses and the outcome cannot be bad for them. We are waylaid by a more sophisticated but minuscule bunch that are on social networking sites.

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