The mantra for the alternative

Economic freedom, individual liberty and competent government

Longtime readers might recall that this blog has long argued that India’s crisis of governance arises from the UPA government’s institution of entitlement economics, surrender to competitive intolerance and returns to political violence. Corruption and unaccounted money — issues that have captured popular imagination in the last few months — are merely symptoms of the underlying disease. Ridding the body politic of this malaise requires the building of a political alternative around a new mantra:

Give us back our economic freedom, and let it reverse the entitlement economy of corruption and cronyism.

Give us back our individual liberty, and let it reverse the competitive intolerance that is destroying India’s social capital.

Give us a government that restricts itself to being competent in its basic duties — like ensuring the rule of law –, and let it reverse the tide of violence and the grammar of anarchy.

Peace! Peace! Peace!

3 thoughts on “The mantra for the alternative”

  1. Narendra Modi for Prime Minister 2014! Can’t support any party, Congress or BJP. But Modi’s achievements are truly exceptional and after these two years, feel guilty that I voted Congress in 2009. Frankly, these people shouldn’t have been elected even in 2004. China builds fly overs in 2 weeks and we throw away 10 years or perhaps even more to a bunch of cronies, crooks and liars. Incredible India indeed!

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