India’s role in Europe’s financial stability

Should India offer to bail Europe out?

A few days ago in his Mint column, Narayan Ramachandran, Takshashila geoeconomics fellow, argued that India must directly offer to bail out Europe.

In an INI9 (9 Minute conversations) segment recorded yesterday, Narayan and I discuss this idea further.

1 thought on “India’s role in Europe’s financial stability”

  1. 1>What kind of strategic gain can we achieve in Europe with a paltry $10B? Can we quantitfy the benefits? Won’t we make enemies if we offer $10B and then refuse saying that the plan is half-baked?

    2>To say that the core $150B could be invested in oil reserves appears flawed since gold is a more accurate barometer of fiat currency debasement

    3> Student analogy – Shouldn’t the young uncle favour a poor potential employee (Africa) rather than the rich high-flying nephew.

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