On NDTV: How should we appoint top military leaders?

The real issue is not legal or administrative. It’s about how we appoint our top military ranks

(Watch the whole show on NDTV’s website)

In a previous post I argued that there is too little in the public domain on the matter of General V K Singh’s date of birth issue. Given this, the only point I made in the show was that we can no longer accept a system where the senior-most lieutenant-general automatically becomes the army chief. That the ‘seniority principle’ is not only flawed in itself, but, as this episode shows, can be manipulated. In closing I draw attention to the need to update and implement the recommendations of the Kargil Committee Report.

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  1. Underwhelming debate actually. Too many people on the show so not enough opportunity to understand their viewpoint- did Ms Dutt “overbook” the way airlines do?

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