1 thought on “INI9 – Shashi Shekhar on the 2012 state assembly elections”

  1. In all the states tat went to election in 2012, there were two waves in action – anti-corruption wave and an anti-congress wave.

    In Goa, both the waves were in the same direction – against Congress. Since the only alternative was BJP, they won a decisive victory.

    In Uttarakhand, anti-corruption wave was against BJP, while anti-Congress wave was obviously against Congress. So they cancelled each other out and we have Cong and BJP at almost same tally.

    In UP, anti-corruption wave was against BSP, while anti-Congress wave was (again) against Congress. The fluid votes that got swayed by these two waves could either go towards BJP or SP – each having its pros and cons. Since most of the fluid vote came from Muslim votebank, they chose SP as the lesser fo the two evil.

    My understanding of Manipur is rather limited, so I will not comment on it.

    But the moot question is, who created the anti-Congress and anti-Corruption wave. Was it all IAC/Anna Hazare?

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