Polaris – a new blog on The Indian National Interest

Perspectives on international relations

Dhruva Jaishankar joins us on INI today with Polaris, where he will write “primarily on strategic affairs and Indian foreign policy, but also on a variety of other issues: US foreign policy, significant developments in Europe and East Asia, Indian and regional security, and—occasionally, when relevant—cricket”.

Do make Polaris a part of your regular reading.

Tell Your Mother about INI Day

The hand that rocked your cradle can rock the nation

Those of you who are on the INI group on Facebook might have received a note about Tell Your Mother about INI Day (TYM08): Just tell your mother—preferably in person—about the Indian National Interest blogs and Pragati on November 28th, 2008. And help her with it, if she needs it. And invite your friends to tell their mothers, and so on. (Lest you ask, yes, we mean mothers-in-law too. But use your discretion)

There’s a facebook page for this event where you can indicate your participation and share your experiences, photos and suchlike. So mark 28th November in your calendar.

Swaraj – a new blog on The Indian National Interest

It will be about individual rights, economic development, and smart welfare

Harsh Gupta joins us on INI with Swaraj, new blog that will discuss “issues that are not really big ticket glamorous ones, but rather more like Raghuram Rajan’s A Hundred Small Steps.” His first post addresses the problem of malnourished children and how to tackle it India must “slowly but surely…replace the public distribution system (PDS) with food stamps.”

Go visit Swaraj and subscribe to his RSS feed.