This road will take you

To Takshashila!

The following poem is an excerpt from Rahul Soni’s translation of 21 poems from Magadh, by Shrikant Verma


I am going
to Takshashila

Where are you going?
To Nalanda

But this road does not lead
to Nalanda

It used to once, but not anymore
The road to Nalanda has changed
Now this road will take you

to Takshashila
not Nalanda

Do you want to go
to Takshashila?

People going to Nalanda, often
the roads that you are shown do not
take you where you want to go –

like Nalanda

Sunday Levity: INDImag’s short-story contest

Bucks for tales

“But honestly, how many of us get excited about editorials?” asks Madhu Rao. (Chances are, if you are reading this, you are one of them. But read on.) In his email, Mr Rao says that INDImag is an out-of-pocket non-profit initiative (sound familiar?) “to get people who love story telling to come and share a tale.”

And it has announced a short-story contest for tellers of tales and closet Edgar Allen Poes.

Stories have a way of connecting people and touching their hearts. Like a good cup of coffee, a thriller can stimulates one’s senses and linger on far after enjoying it, while at the diametric opposite end of the spectrum, a story that your grandmother narrated to you as a kid, soothed you to sleep and filled you with sweet dreams.

Stories, like clay, provide an endless medium of possibilities limited only by the author’s imagination. We want to unleash a sea of these stories. [INDImag]

You might want to give it a shot.

Speaking of short stories, you might want to read some very short ones from our archives: Esky & the Penguins & Santa Singh on Train Number 2627

Sunday Levity: Feluda and the Golden Fortress

We take a break for some Satyajit Ray

Courtesy of the ‘BBC’, here’s an hour-long radio drama featuring Feluda, Topshe and Lal Mohan “Jatayu” Ganguly.

In “Feluda: The Golden Fortress” one of the most popular of the Feluda adventure stories was specially recorded in Mumbai, and brings together a host of top Indian actors for a very special production.

Stepping into Feluda’s super sleuth shoes is Rahul Bose, while Anupam Kher plays sidekick, Lalmohan Ganguly. Special guest stars also appear as friends and foes.

 Listen to audio